Akuamma Seeds

Akumma seeds come from a plant that is native to the continent of Africa and is from the akuamma tree where the seeds are harvested. The akuamma plant also goes by the name of picralim. In Africa the seeds of the plant are often crushed down into a finely ground powder that is then sometimes used as a pain reliever and it also is used in africa to help reduce the symptoms of malaria.  The akumma seeds can be ground up and using a regular coffee grinder and dissolving 2 tablespoons in boiling water. In many cases this can lend a better effect with the psyche when compared to making making use of the powdered akuamma.

Akuamma seeds vs kratom

  • Akuamma has said to have quicker effects to that of kratom
  • Kratom and akuamma vary based legality
  • Akuamma has a definite calming effect in comparison to how some strains of kratom are exclusively used for energy and focus akuamma is not generally used for energy enhancing.
  • Akuamma can be much cheaper than that of kratom

Akuamma seeds effects

  • One of the most prominent effects of akuamma is its calming effects. This calming feeling is what cause the plant to be so relaxing. These effects are both mental and physical in regards to both muscular relaxation and a mental clarity.
  • The seeds and powders have also been used to help with stress and anxiety.
  • Lastly as mentioned above the akuamma has traditionally been used as a pain reliever.

Akuamma seeds, powder, and capsules

Akuamma seeds can often be described as a dark brown broad flat seed. The seeds are the original form of this plant but for actual use these seeds are then ground into powder where they can either be used directly in the powdered form or they can be put into capsules.

The difference in effectiveness of these two methods mostly comes down to the personal preference of the buyer. These differing factor are the convenience between the powder and capsules as well as the quickness of the akuamma seed to take affect.


These seeds are legal in the US and can be freely purchased and consumed to avail their mood altering benefits. They can be bought online or from an agent, but it is important to check the credentials of the agent before buying. The seeds are not FDA-approved, but there are quite a few studies available that speak to the efficacy of this compound. See more on the legality here