What Effect Does Kratom Have On Anxiety

Anxiety comes from a chemical in the brain in the form of stress that occurs it the body. Anxiety is not in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing it is  actually common and completely natural thing. Anxiety disorders on the other hand are not quiet the same as the anxiety that someone may experience from a fear based activity.

It is said up to a fifth of people actually have some type of actual anxiety disorders. These types of disorders may actually be part of some mental illness. Some of these anxiety disorders can be brought up in different forms some of examples of these types of anxiety could manifest themselves as OCD or (obsessive compulsive disorder) or in a somewhat common form of social anxiety.

One of the main differences between regular anxiety and anxiety disorders is the different effects they have on someones life. Anxiety disorders such as OCD or social anxiety have different effect in the way that they have a direct toll on peoples everyday life and activities. This differs from regular anxiety which is used for fear and to protect in responding to a “flight of fight response”. More about signs of anxiety disorders.

How Kratom May Have Effects On Anxiety

For anyone new to the idea of what kratom is and what it does it is a leaf in the coffee family and is native to the region of southeast Asia such Thailand. Also can be found in some areas in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, as well as other small islands of the tropical region. The kratom strains or the different leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plant are commonly named by their place of origin within the region such as Borneo, Thai and other names that indicate the island or region that they are from.

The plant has been traditionally been used for a large variety of uses and reasons. The plant has been said to be used to treat muscular pain, anxiety, as well as uses that may increase energy, focus, and mood. The plant was historically used by people of the plants region for doing tedious boring tasks and jobs which helped them to focus on completing tasks.

Some people say that kratom may be useful as an alternative to prescription pharmaceutical drugs for diminishing anxiety. Most kratom whether it be in the form of capsules, powder, extract, tincture, or tea may not matter quiet as much as the strain. The differing uses of the kratom are prominent in all kratom strain but certain strains differ in what they are most effective for. Some generic examples of this may be the use of maeng da kratom for energy, red bali strains for muscular pain, and “Indo” Or Indonesian strains for anxiety. For further information on what the other strains are used for check out some of our other posts that go more into depth of the uses of these different strains and veins