How Kratom Tea Is Made And What Is It Used For

Drinking tea is one of the most beneficial ways to extract nutrients and from various types of leaves or powders. Drinking tea in general has many different advantages and benefits than other types of drinks. Here are some of the benefits that drinking tea can have.

The first perks of tea is that they contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body from different pollution and toxins in the body as well as aging.  In general these types of brewed drinks contains less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually has 2 or 3 times the amount of caffeine that tea contains. An 8 ounce cup of coffee contains around 135 mg. of caffeine in comparison to a cup of tea that may contain 30 to 40 mg of caffeine. To much caffeine can cause people to feel jittery, as well as indigestion and headaches, and can also cause trouble sleeping. Some teas can help to boost the bodies immune defenses. Drinking tea may have a help the body fight infections. One interesting characteristic of tea is that it is calorie free. Drinks like these do not contain any tea unless there are additional ingredients in it such as adding sugars, sweeteners, milk or creams. And lastly tea may be a contributing factor in increasing metabolism. Drinking some green teas have been factor of increasing metabolism.

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What Is Kratom Tea

Kratom is a leaf that is native to southeast Asia. The leave of the plant can be can be used and made into tea buy extracting from the leaves or extracting from the leaves. The powder is not actually being ingested rather the alkaloids from the powder get infused from the powder with water. Kratom is usually mixed with lemon or honey for taste. There are many different recipes online but the basics of the tea is essentially to boil water with a kratom tea bag with powder or it can be put in a coffee maker with a filter to extract the tea. The tea form is very popular form of kratom for its availability. Kratom tea is made from different strains and veins such as red vane maeng da, white vein bali, green vein malay to name a few.

What Is Kratom Tea Used For

Kratom tea is used for the the same reasons why reason it is used in other forms some of the common uses are to increase the energy which also helps to increase productivity. And also help to improve alertness in social situations and when preforming cognitive tasks. It is used in the same way that nootropics capsules are used for. The the use and effects of kratom depends largely on the strain and the potency of the strain.

Benefits of Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is used for a variety of different reasons and treatments. The leaves from the tea are used for different reasons depending on the type of strain of the leaves. The different strains may be beneficial each in there own unique ways Some strains are more beneficial for energy improvements while others may have more uses for relaxation. Below is a list of some of the benefits that kratom tea may provide. These uses and benefits may have some different effectiveness depending on the kratom leaves that are used in the tea. (such as green veins, red veins , and white vein kratom leaves).

  • Pain Relief
  • Immune system booster
  • Energy boost
  • Anxiety and over all mood
  • Relaxation
  • Muscular relaxation

More About Kratom Tea

With the increasing curiosity on various types of herbal products and their benefits, it is important that you get all the information you can get. Tea in particular is a favorite among most nutrition enthusiasts as well as health experts. Tea, of whatever type, has shown to be a quick source of valuable chemicals to the body. It can be consumed in a variety of ways and is also relatively easy to prepare. Different regions around the world have been accustomed to different types of tea as well as different methods of preparing them. Black tea, which is the most popular, is brewed and the liquid drank. The drink may be complemented with milk or flavorings.  Green tea on the other hand, obtained from Camellia sinensis leaves, has a different method of preparation, in regard to how it is processed. It has been proved to be good antioxidant and source of nutrients. Then there is Kratom tea. Originally from south east Asia, Kratom tea has significant effects once consumed in comparison to other teas.

Kratom tea has for centuries been traditionally used as medicine. If chewed, the leaves were said to relieve muscle skeletal pain while also increasing energy and sexual desire. The leaves would also be crushed and the extract used on wounds while workers would chew it to ward off exhaustion. In the modern day however, use of Kratom tea is heavily controlled, being prohibited in some countries while drug control agencies in other countries are working on regulating is sale and distribution.

How To Make Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is the most popular method through which Kratom is consumed. Not only is this method easy and most relatable with other teas, it is also tastier, giving the user an opportunity to play around with the flavor. Unlike most other teas, Kratom is quite bitter and most first time users will find it unbearable, while accustomed users will not find it difficult to drink.

Just like normal tea, Kratom tea is made by adding some powder or crushed leaves to hot water. For Kratom tea, add between 5 and 10 grams of powdered leaves into a little hot water and give it at most 15 minutes. While using leaves however, keeping them in the simmering water for around 30 to 40 minutes is guaranteed to produce the best results. During this time, the Kratom will infuse to give good quality tea.

Black tea, sugar or honey can be safely added to alter the taste.

If you would like to prepare and extract, the detailed process will be;

  1. i) Add a liter of water to 50 grams of crushed leaves.
  2. ii) Boil the mixture for 15-20 minutes, moderately.

iii) After the 20 minutes, pour out the mixture while sieving out the leaves. Since you do not want to leave some of the extract within the leaves, you could squeeze the leaves too and get out most of the liquid.

  1. iv) Boil the leaves again and retrieve the extract in a similar way as you had done previously.
  2. v) Boil the liquid until its volume reduces to about a tenth (100 ml)

By using this method, you can simply adjust the volume of water you will used to make your next drink. The tea can actually be stores months just by adding a little alcohol and storing it in the fridge.

Besides making tea, there are people who choose to consume Kratom by simply chewing the leaves and later washing it down with some warm water. This method is selective and will be reserved for those who are comfortable with the taste. For those who are not, Kratom capsules can be prepared using finely ground leaves accurately measured before filling the capsules. Since this method can easily become a favorite among beginners, they should ensure that they do not consume more than 4 caps so as to keep the effect mild.

How to Make Kratom Tea

Kratom Tea Effects

As I told you earlier, Kraton tea does have stronger affects that other types of tea. Consumers of Kratom tea have found the experience to be more stimulating. Although it was commonly used in south East Asia and currently, in some parts of the west, Kratom does have the capability of becoming addictive. Among the many other chemicals present in it, are some that bind opioid receptors. What this lead to, is dependence and hence addiction. The chemicals present in Kratom also have negative effects on the liver and incase it is used with other drugs, it becomes fatal.

Depending on the method of preparation and consumption, Kratom tea effects are varied. The different preparation methods have a direct translation to the dosage. The quantity of dosage then goes a long way to determine the effect the drug will indeed have on an individual. At low doses, of say less than 5 grams, kratom will produce effects similar to stimulation. How people then react to this effect is different, with some enjoying it while others are put off by it. During the sixty to ninety minutes of this effect, the user might experience; higher levels of energy and alertness, less appetite as well as an increase in their general sociability. Higher doses, of up to 15 grams, will exhibit similar effects to opioids, causing; drowsiness, pain reduction and having a dreamlike mental state. Anything higher than 15 grams is not recommended, as it can lead to severe sedation as well as unconsciousness.

Apart from the direct effects of Kratom tea, there exists some side effects of its use, with some stretching up to addiction and later withdrawal effects. Some short term side effects include sweating, feeling dizzy, nausea, vomiting, constriction of the pupils and itchiness. These effects do vary with the dose taken. Long term effects will include darkening of the face and weight loss.

Among the major effects of kratom is addiction. Continuous users for more than 6 months do indeed become dependent of the drug and will suffer withdrawal symptoms in case of a sudden stop in its use.